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This twelve-week Curriculum Pack from High Voltage Kids includes two complete curriculum series, ALIEN KIDS and P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens).

The Data CD for each series contains graphic art for promo, PowerPoint games, and PowerPoint slides used for the memory verse, big idea, and illustrated messages.  Also contains Adobe .PDF and Microsoft Publisher files of the entire Leader's Manual to personalize each lesson to your service's needs.

The Music CD for each series contains weekly sound effects, "Offering Time" song, instrumental songs for game time, and praise songs.

Alien Kids capitalizes on kids' curiosity about outer space and compares the life of a Christian to the life of an alien. I Peter 2:11 teaches that we are "aliens in this world." To live a life that is out of this world, we must be careful to "stay away from sinful things."

The DVD contains six intro video segments and a countdown video.  It also includes a weekly "Rap It Up" session with Skittles, the wanna-be rapper, that applies the lesson to everyday life.

Lessons include:   

1. The Aliens Have Landed - what it means to live as an alien for Christ
2. Amazing Alien Diet - we must guard what we put in our minds and hearts
3. The Alien Super Power - living a life empowered by God
4. We Come in Peace - how to be a peacemaker
5. Phone Home - staying in touch with our Heavenly Father through prayer
6. Take Me to Your Leader - sharing our faith with others

In P.U.S.H. children see that prayer is a powerful thing! Many times, children are intimidated by the idea of prayer and feel that they do not pray "good enough." This series teaches children how to pray in life's most important circumstances.

The DVD contains weekly video intros and video illustration segments. It also includes a weekly Power Verse and "Rap It Up" video segments hosted by Skittles, the Candy Rapper.

Lessons include:   

1. How to Pray with Confidence
2. How to Pray when You're Scared
3. How to Pray God's Word
4. How to Pray for Your Unsaved Friends
5. How to Pray for Missionaries
6. How to Pray for the Sick

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