How it all Began

Awana believes in providing the highest quality church care. We send missionaries to make in-person contact with every church interested in starting Awana. But it doesn't end there. Missionaries are your partners in ministry for the duration.

Helping Pastors Start Awana
Your missionary will meet with you to explain the Awana ministry, answer any questions and train your leaders. By the time you’re waking up for work or getting the kids ready for school, many Awana missionaries are already on the road, traveling to churches sometimes a hundred miles away to share about Awana. If you need help at any time, contact your Awana missionary.

Equipping Awana Leaders
Awana missionaries and their ministry teams support you in every aspect of your ministry – from evangelism and discipleship to administration and volunteer recruitment. Each fall, your missionary hosts a ministry conference to train your Awana leaders in the newest techniques.

Coordinating Outreach Events
Awana special events draw kids and their parents to Christ, resulting in new families joining your church. Your missionary helps organize outreaches such as AwanaGames™, Bible Quizzing, Summit, Sparks-a-Rama and Awana Grand Prix™.

Teaching Parents to Lead Their Children
The Awana at Home® ministry builds bridges to the families in your community. It shows you how to train parents to spiritually lead their children.

Awana Missionary
Become a missionary