Awana GO reach kids! FREE missions curriculum

Reach More Kids!

In today’s self-indulgent culture, how do you teach your kids to see Christ and others as more important than themselves? What are you doing to help them have a heart for the unreached and unchurched at home and around the world?

What is Awana GO?
Awana GO is a new, exciting and intentional missions program that provides you with an array of tools and resources to grow your kids in loving and serving others.

FREE Missions Curriculum!
Free? Yes - that’s crazy awesome!

Awana GO contains easy-to-use missions content including large group lessons that teach biblical truths, videos, interactive activities and much more. These GO downloads are FREE to registered Awana churches.

Who is it for?
Awana GO is designed for churches and clubs looking for dynamic, meaningful and kid-friendly ways to “go into all the world and make disciples.” If you are looking to make an impact beyond the four walls of your church, this program is for you!

Why should you care?
In addition to discipling your kids in missions and stewardship, your club, church and families can make a big difference for other children in need!

The unique Awana ministry model enables us to reach kids in every part of the world and in all living situations with the hope that they may come to know, love and serve Jesus. Will you partner with us to reach kids, equip leaders and change the world?

Every child, everywhere
Let’s GO do this together!

Awana GO Reach Kids is coming this fall.