Gary Chapman - Loving the Hurting Child

Life Threads

Recently I had the privilege of talking with Dr. Gary Chapman on the subject of showing love to the children in your ministry. The Five Love Languages of a Clubber? Well, not really ... but sort of. continue

9 Ways to Encourage Your Child's Talent


Suzuki? Soccer? Gourmet cooking? Cartooning? This is the time of year when parents are signing their kids up for extracurricular classes - often with the hope that one of the classes will "click" and it will begin a lifetime of ability in the subject, whether that's sculpting, basketball or tuba... continue

Why Is It So Hard to Notice?


Jesus never just saw people. He noticed them. A few months ago, my son taught me an incredible lesson about how important it is to notice. The story involves our incredible neighbors, a perceptive six-year-old, and Dad trying to figure this whole ‘parenting thing’ out. continue

Stop! Before You Drop (Them off, That Is)


Sometimes we drop our kids off at church and take it all for granted - they'll have good teachers, teaching good things in a good way. And true, that's what often happens, but here are some suggestions to help your child have the best year ever in children's ministry. continue

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