Seeing MORE: The Choir of 1200 Kids


The Story Behind the Voices of a Once Muslim Village Now Worshiping Jesus — This is the third in a series of blog entries that tells the story behind the filming on (+)MORE, the Awana global documentary film. Over the course of five months I traveled with a crew of film makers to seven different... continue

Dr. Lutzer Talks About Scripture Memory

Life Threads

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Erwin Lutzer (Senior Pastor of The Moody Church) about the importance of Scripture memory in his life. ... continue

What I Discovered About Family Discipleship


Today's post comes from Heidi Hensley's 11 Ways to Serve Busy Parents in a Busy World, which will be available as part of the 11 Ways box set at select conferences this fall. ... continue

3 Tips for Leading in a Small Church


I felt like a sanctified version of Mick Jagger. Sans midriff. I had just preached my first sermon in Bible college. And I rocked. After my first few months of “real ministry,” I felt less like Mick Jagger and more like... continue

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