Awana Asks... Your Holiday Calendar


Fall is here. Football. School buses. Colder weather (at least in Chicago). Holidays that seem disproportionately skewed toward sugar consumption. Adjusting your children’s ministry calendar to fit holidays can be tough. continue

10 Preschool Characteristics You Need to Know


Preschoolers love life. They wiggle, giggle and charm you with their cute smiles and the hilariously funny things they say. If you're the parent of a preschooler, you know about many of these characteristics, but have you considered how important they are to your spiritually nurturing your child? ... continue

Meet Isaiah—A Trek Kid From Alaska


Isaiah attends Trek. He enjoys the beauty of God’s creation in the mountain and ocean views he sees from his home in Anchorage, Alaska. He learns about the God of creation at Awana, a place where the leaders are “like a family,’ and give him courage, acceptance and the confidence to talk to... continue

3 Ways to Instantly Have More Engaged Parents


It’s not uncommon for children’s ministry leaders to find seeds of frustration creeping in when they start voicing the drop-off and pick-up patterns of parents. Truth be told, this actually can be an indicator of a lack of appreciation or a sign of disengagement from some parents’ spiritual... continue

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