Seeing MORE: The Story Behind Hands That Make It Happen or Wait, Are Those Nuns?


When talking to my friends or neighbors, or even telling strangers I was in Rwanda, they immediately give me a look that communicates something to the effect of “Are you serious?!?” This is usually followed by the question, “Is it safe?” which is totally valid to ask. continue

What Awana Is Looking Forward to at Catalyst 2014


Our teams have an unquenchable thirst for learning. We are constantly on the lookout for a great book to read, person to talk to, or conference to attend. For several years, members of our staff have attended the Catalyst Conference to sharpen our thinking, build our teams, and help us grow as... continue

Can Preschoolers Trust Christ?

Life Threads

Several years ago (about 18 to be exact) I worked in an active Cubbies club with a healthy mixture of church and non-churched kids. As we taught through the curriculum, we often explained the gospel in preschool-appropriate terms. ... continue

How to Help Your Child Pass the Bring a Friend Section


he current goal of Awana is to reach 10,000,000 kids by the year 2020. ... continue

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