Introducing New Awana Club Technology


Being an Awana leader just got easier. Let’s be honest, you got into Awana to bring Christ into the lives of children and youth. But your time is also split between completing administrative tasks, keeping up-to-date with training and staying connected to other leaders and parents. How do you keep... continue

10 Phrases That Will Transform Your Ministry


Okay. So maybe “transform” is a little overstated. ... continue

Free Sample: 2014 Awana Advent Devotional


Advent season is right around the corner, and we're providing a FREE Advent devotional that's customized for individuals, couples, and families. continue

The Very First Church Kid Ever — A Large Group Lesson

Life Threads

We talk a lot in children’s ministry about churched kids and non-churched kids and maybe calling John Mark the first church kid is a stretch … but then again, not really. continue

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