5 Things You Can't Be Afraid Of


I looked down. I was shaking. My wrinkly toes curled over the edge of the diving board as it gently rose and fell under my 12-year old frame. The pool below seemed like a twelve-story drop. continue

5 Reasons to Have Awana in Your Church

Life Threads

As a child, parent, leader, and pastor, I have seen the many benefits the Awana Ministry brings to the local church as a whole. Let me share with you the 5 ways an Awana Club Ministry can bless a local church--far beyond the club itself. continue

Church On Sale


A few weeks ago, a local grocery store was going out of business. To empty their shelves, they marked everything down to 50% off, enticing customers with ridiculously crazy deals. So I checked it out. The parking lot was full. The place was packed. continue

4 Tips to Evaluate Missions Opportunities


Students process what they’re learning through experience. That’s why schools take field trips to understand where strawberries come from, how corn is grown, or how the solar system works. Experience solidifies... continue

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