Awana Asks: What are you most excited about in Awana this year?


Tin can telephones rock. Because you made them. And because, with a little creativity, you could talk to your friends across the backyard. Friends sharing with frieds: That’s what we think a blog should be. Just a giant, nationwide tin-can-telephone. Only without the faint scent of leftover tomato... continue

9 Ways to Keep Kids Safe in Your Ministry

Life Threads

Churches need to have child protection policies. This isn’t an option – it’s a must. Edna Jordan, Director of Child Protection, here at Headquarters, has listed nine guidelines for clubs. Make sure these guidelines are incorporated into your Awana program. continue

10 Ways Pastors Can Encourage Their Leaders

Life Threads

1. Let your leaders know that you pray for them. You can mention this from the pulpit, “We need to remember to pray for our Awana leaders.” But you also need to tell them individually. Even if you pastor a large church, you can occasionally mention Awana leaders from the pulpit and in your... continue

Do Christian Kids Believe in Fairy Tales?


Cognitive Science magazine has an interesting article in the July issue. A survey was taken determining that children who attend church or parochial school have a more difficult time distinguishing between truth and fiction than those who don’t. continue

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