5 Tips for Teaching Kids


Teaching kids is fun. When it sticks. Whether you’re teaching toddlers or tweens, here are five essentials that will help your teaching stick: continue

Gary Chapman - Loving the Hurting Child

Life Threads

Recently I had the privilege of talking with Dr. Gary Chapman on the subject of showing love to the children in your ministry. The Five Love Languages of a Clubber? Well, not really ... but sort of. continue

9 Ways to Encourage Your Child's Talent


Suzuki? Soccer? Gourmet cooking? Cartooning? This is the time of year when parents are signing their kids up for extracurricular classes - often with the hope that one of the classes will "click" and it will begin a lifetime of ability in the subject, whether that's sculpting, basketball or tuba... continue

Why Is It So Hard to Notice?


Jesus never just saw people. He noticed them. A few months ago, my son taught me an incredible lesson about how important it is to notice. The story involves our incredible neighbors, a perceptive six-year-old, and Dad trying to figure this whole ‘parenting thing’ out. continue

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