Opening Night: 7 Things Every Kid Needs to Hear


When I was 17, I had the opportunity to go on a cattle drive in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Although I hadn’t really been on a horse before (does the one outside K-Mart count?), I loved every minute of it. ... continue

4 Tensions of a Digital Parent


I Google parenting tips. I search WebMD to diagnose weird rashes. I Yelp restaurants to see if they’re kid-friendly. I get advice from parenting blogs and Twitter feeds. I use Groupon to search for affordable family-fun deals. continue

2014-2015 Awana Memory Program


Each Sunday last year, we posted a memory verse from our staff memory program. (All staff at Awana are strongly encouraged to say these verses.) We are currently in the second year of a three-year plan to memorize a verse from each book of the Bible. Many of you have told us that you've been... continue

15 Ways for Parents to Encourage Their Sparkies

Life Threads

How can you help your Sparkie complete his handbook? Here are some suggestions. continue

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