Church On Sale


A few weeks ago, a local grocery store was going out of business. To empty their shelves, they marked everything down to 50% off, enticing customers with ridiculously crazy deals. So I checked it out. The parking lot was full. The place was packed. continue

4 Tips to Evaluate Missions Opportunities


Students process what they’re learning through experience. That’s why schools take field trips to understand where strawberries come from, how corn is grown, or how the solar system works. Experience solidifies... continue

3 Reasons to Lead with Questions


Recently I heard Liz Wiseman share a story about how she spent an entire evening with her kids where she only asked questions. No direct commands. Just questions. continue

20 People Who Can Help You Teach

Life Threads

Summer is a great time to line up guest speakers for the next ministry year whether that’s Large Group lessons or someone to speak at the youth group get-together. This gives you an opportunity to prayerfully think through your lesson focus instead of begging someone to fill in at the last... continue

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