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Incorporating a Missions Focus into Club Night

In the fast-paced fun of your club night, how is missions highlighted? The Awana International team has developed an app that serves as a pocket-sized toolkit with everything you need to engage your clubbers in missions.

Here’s a couple tips for how you can use this tool in your club:

  • Engage your clubbers about missions:
    • Develop your clubbers’ hearts for missions by using the videos, stories, pictures, and updates on the app to connect them with missionaries and clubbers around the world.
    • Take your club's mission focus to the next level and allow your clubbers to support missions by engaging in Adopt-a-Club.
  • Connect with parents using the AAC app:
    How can you effectively inform and engage parents iin the club's missions focus and/or your club’s Adopt-a-Club goal?
    • This app is not only for Awana leaders. Don’t forget to encourage clubbers and parents to download this app.
      • Send these Adopt-a-Club app bookmarks home with your clubbers to communicate and encourage parents to download the new Adopt-a-Club app.
    • If you are using Adopt-a-Club, this is a great way to communicate to parents what AAC is and the purpose and target for the Adopt-a-Club fundraising in your club.
  • No smartphone? No problem.
    • We know that not every Awana leader has a smart phone, but statistics are showing that around half of cell phone users have a smartphone. So, find and encourage the leaders in your club that do to download this app.
    • If you would like to access the app’s resources online, check out the links below:
      • For Awana International videos, click here.
      • For Awana International pictures from clubs around the world, click here.
      • For Stories and updates from leaders and clubbers around the world, click here.
      • For more info, you can visit the Adopt-a-Club homepage.